I like sexy.

i love this state. so many cool things here. 
i’m not here, but i’m in wisconsin.
let me tell you, if i have to go back in my past to move forward i will.
OMG! this week is insane scary hard. i’m free the 25!!!!! good bye ex boyfriend. 
there is a reason people put memories in a box away in our mind. and when we have to look at them. oh look out! demons!!!! no more. please. thanks. 
when i look in my past. i don’t like what i see. but i can’t change it.
hahahahhaha! this is really cute. i really do like easter. 
happy easter. 


we have 3 cats.

little guy, cuddles, and eddie.

eddie is dying. he should be death in a few days. 

i was thinking, at least back in the old days, in small towns, people have each other, living here, in  a cold city, there is no one. i’m sitting in  a shiity bookstore, with no friends, wishing on a  dream. and like my shitty family, it’s just all like “talking about the weather”. when was at the movie theatre back a few months, i wish i just kept to myself and my head held down, and didn’t say a word. this is my only regret i’ve ever had, i loved that job, it really made me just forget about my shitty life, at least for those few hours.  i begged for them to keep me. 

omg. sad. 

shine a light as bright as you can. so sad. ok. 

all i ever do is fight with everyone. no matter what it is. fight fight fight. blah.

i need a vacation. i’m really bored even with myself. 

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The band from AVPM has done pretty well for themselves!



Left to Right:

A.J. Holmes - Elder Cunningham, Book of Mormon on Broadway

Matt Lang - Director/Creator for StarKid

Joe Carroll - Prince Topher, Cinderella on Broadway

Carlos Valdes - Andrej, Once on Broadway, and soon Cisco Ramon on The CW’s Flash

Come celebrate 5 years of StarKid, as StarKid Takes ManhattanApril 12th!

second from left, matt lang, i want for my ensemble cast.

i sat in front of him, at the 123 ever opening night show, at the up comedy club. i was wearing a sparkling green poncho. i think he was wearing a batman t-shirt. 

cute shorts

american movies for the weekend

i wish there was none. as any movie person knows. it’s OCD, i can’t keep up. it’s sad, i’m missing out on many cool movies, i can’t keep up. 



Captain America: The Winter Soldier 

The Raid 2

Under the Skin
The Lunchbox (Dabba)
Dom Hemingway
the nympho movie left vol 2, it didn’t do very well. i also choose to pass on it. after may 1 i’ll see it, 

american movies for the week.